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                       We are no longer breeding Netherland Dwarfs.

                                   We have Mini Lops & Lionheads only.

Previous litters - now happily homed.





Netherland Dwarfs

Litter of two from Prue and Axel


Homing a pet is not always a cheap option but doing it right the first time saves you time, money and ensures the well being of your bunny/s

Netherland Dwarf

Twin White sisters from Rodney and Prue

now homed together

Photo's below of mum and Dad and  their two siblings.




Netherland Dwarf

Lovely little Doe from Rodney and Mia

White Doe


This Bunny ended up staying.

Her name is Roise ring number 18X00003

She has been to two shows so far-she is doing very well.

Netherland Dwarf

Litter of two  from Robbie and Pia

Marten Smoke Doe

seen on the left, more photo's below with mum and dad and litter.


Homed as a Single house bunny and spoilt rotton.


Netherland Dwarf Doe from Litter above



Doe & Buck. (buck staying here)

seen above , Doe is on right, her brother- Rocco ring number 18X00001 is staying here, more photo's below with mum and dad



Netherland Dwarf

Lovely litter of three from Mr FBW and Prim

One paired homed together and the third stayed now called Rebel ring number 16X00002


Netherland Dwarf

Agouti Buck homed with his sister on the right.


Netherland Dwarf

Agouti Doe  homed with her brother on the left.



Netherland Dwarf

Agouti Buck staying at the moment

Rebel ring number 18X00002



Netherland Dwarfs

Agouti pair- Buck and Doe  homed together.


Netherland Dwarf

Lovely litter of two from Axel and Pixie

Photo on left of the family of four.


Netherland Dwarf

Marten Smoke buck homed with his sister on the right.



Netherland Dwarf

White Doe homed with her Smoke brother on left



Netherland Dwarfs

Marten Smoke Pearl Buck homed with his White sister as shown on the left.


Netherland Dwarf

Lovely litter of two from Axel and Pearl

Marten Smoke Pearl Buck

White Doe

seen on the left with mum and dad- more photo's below




 The Minimum size cage for a small rabbit is a 4ft x2ft,(1152 area) with a  5ftx2ft (1440 area)  being more ideal & our preferred size. For a pair this needs to be bigger still.
Please think about the rabbits that have got to spend up to 10 years in a small hutch prison.
Please do not buy Chicken houses or Omlet housing for baby rabbits. These are not practical for training the bunny to be an interactive, hand tame rabbit.

If you are un-sure on cage size, please contact us, Dee stock's a huge range of large cages and can advise you on what one would best suit the bunny and your needs.  

Dee offer's a 10% discount on the Malling Double Deluxe hutch, Malling  deluxe singles, when purchased and collected with our bunnies, plus a 10%  discounts on indoor housing packages,  feed & bedding  packs plus more.

The cage on the right  is 3ft x17",(612 area) the poor bunny would not  be able to lay out upstairs let alone hop. This was bought for a single Mini Lop-after we spent over an hour explaining what size was need. The couple did not home one of our bunnies as they were not prepared to change

The cage on the left was bought for a pair of Mini Lops. This is how it was described to us  -I have purchased a large cage, "it's definitely big enough for 2 bunnies! "The cage is a super large size, with length 56cm, width 38cm and height 38cm. If you think it is not big enough for two bunnies, then I will purchase one only.  Strangle we did not home any bunnies to this  cage and lady.



We also bred the following breeds of rabbits- to see what is available -click the buttons

Mini Lops


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